With Banks Failing Again Around The World Don't Be 100% Bank Dependent In 2024, Like So Many Were In 2008!

Silicon Valley Bank FAILED! | Credit Suisse FAILED! | Evergrande Groupe FAILED! | Signature Bank FAILED! | First Republic Bank FAILED! | Citizens Bank FAILED! | Republic First Bank FAILED!

Attention All Real Estate Investors!


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Access videos, audios and chapters from the book, "How To Get People To Give You Money By Asking The Right Questions". With practical examples and analogies, discover how to craft compelling messages that elicit a resounding "Yes!" Your property success hinges on selling your ideas. Enrol now and start persuading with purpose!

Protect Your Future: Act Now Before Another Crisis Hits!

Just 16 years ago, property investors believed that real estate could only ever go up! You only had to buy anything made out out of bricks and mortar, take out a bank loan, and watch its value keep going up...until the banks suddenly stopped lending! The masses could not see over the horizon, and many lives were financially ruined in the aftermath.

Now in 2024, and unlike back then, the writing is on the wall that all is not well in these turbulent times that we live in. Just catch up with today's news stories: rampant inflation, massive illegal migration, spiralling national and consumer debt, pandemic predictions, government authority, energy crisis, banks failing, wars breaking out...and no end in sight!

If you invest in real estate, don't leave your financial future exposed by being totally dependent on a banking system tinkering on the edge of another collapse! For the sake of your wealth and health, now is the time to take stock of how you can cope should the banks fail this time around. We simply can't solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's solutions. Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail!

Who is this collection of courses best suited to? New property investors with everything to learn, including how to buy a house on a one pound/dollar/euro deposit. Experienced property investors who want to be more efficient and save time and money by not doing things the traditional way. Retiring property investors wanting to sell-off a portfolio, but not heavily discounted every time.

The Answer To Getting Yourself Bank Independent

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How To Build A Creative Real Estate Business System

“The COMPLETE Blueprint For An Automated Real Estate Business Without Bank Finance From Your Laptop Computer”

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Click the above icon for a 3-minute explication on building a property business.

People Have Spent Thousands To Become Financially Independent From The Essential Steps In This Program!

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You are now entering the We Buy Houses Learning School, exclusively for real estate professionals with a high level of practical knowledge. The learning content and real life financial opportunities presented here are designed to accelerate your earnings to turbo speed!

Our goal is to build a global participatory network, not only to impart our 30+ years of property-related knowledge while remaining hidden away. In addition to the above-mentioned training materials based on the Five Pillars of Real Estate Wealth, we will also send you a monthly newsletter with information on our upcoming monthly live video conference call and a place for our community to engage with one another. We'll keep you informed about important figures and market trends in the world of real estate.

We are not tying you to any definite arrangement that you don't want to be a part of, so you are free to quit making monthly payments whenever you choose. We cannot, however, promise that the price you pay today will be the same in the future. The value of what you receive in return must be significantly more than the cost of your monthly investment, which is tax deductible.

Take a quick browse of the content below for a sneak look at what we have in store for you as we continue to expand the platform's offerings of courses and features. After you click the orange button below, we'll see you on the Courses page.

You Need A Solid Foundation Moving Forward

A property empire for the 21st century is built upon...

The Five Pillars Of Real Estate Wealth

Whether you are a hands-on or hand-off real estate professional, you will understand that a lack of knowledge can be your undoing when entering a volatile market! If you do not understand the Five Pillars of Real Estate Wealth, your journey ahead can be fraught by unwitting and unimagined challenges! 

Why Your Knowledge Portfolio Needs The Five Pillars

Has everything gone according to plan so far in your real estate career, or have there been some difficult lessons you've learned along the way? These educational opportunities can occasionally be quite expensive, can't they? This is due to the fact that we learn real estate investing by imitating those who have already taken the same route you are.

Let's conduct a brief assessment of what our team believes are the primary factors you need to address right away in 2023, based on our more than three decades of experience and our network of partners around the world:

Will It Be The Best Of Times Or The Worst Of Times?

To understand the importance of the Five Pillars of Real Estate Wealth, let's look at it first from a Dicken's novel:
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way...

A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dic

The future will be fraught with uncertainty for some and great opportunity for others as the world is predicted to experience an impending financial crisis. After making it this far and building your property portfolio, your next task is to expand on what you have while enduring less hardship than when you were starting out.

But I have a question for you: "Will the techniques and tactics you previously employed be appropriate in a world where the rules have changed?" The We Buy Houses Learning School spans more than 30 years of up-and-down market cycles, during which the default financial systems occasionally ceased to function. Your current knowledge is based on your life experience thus far, but who will you consult when the market cycle changes and your current knowledge reaches its "Expiry Date"?

What would it be worth to you, for instance, to understand how to buy and sell houses in a different country without the assistance of a lender? All you would need is access to the internet and a flexible mindset. This dynamic and interactive platform is therefore most helpful if you have already begun their investing journey, but want to grow your understanding of how to do business independently of the banking system.

1. Strategy: What Is Your Speciality?

How can you tell if a prospective real estate deal is a "deal" or "no deal"? You are probably going to judge exclusively on what you know and not on what you don't, based on your knowledge and experience.

Yet, the network's power, knowledge and experience will always enable it to look at opportunities from completely other perspectives. Given the variety of ways to make money in real estate, you too need a network.

2. Marketing: Your Pipeline Of Leads

How much money have you spent on marketing and advertising so far? Everything involves trial and error when starting off, from newspaper ads to fliers in letterboxes to websites, online publicity, and lastly, talking to people on the phone, online, or in person.

Have you figured out how everything must go off without a hitch, what the common objections are, and how to address them? Words matter in all forms of communication, whether written or spoken. You will close more business thanks to our extensive experience. What's that worth?

3. Deals: Mastering Your People Skills

Whatever your preferred approach, if people can't relate to you on a personal level, your life as a real estate entrepreneur will be difficult. Obviously, having a plan is crucial, but how you interact with buyers, sellers, private investors, estate agents, and other parties is much more crucial.

We can demonstrate to you what works and what doesn't, but we also practice deal sharing to look after each other. We frequently receive more bargains than we can manage. Would that be of interest to you?

4. Delegation: How To Avoid Burnout

You eventually reach a point where you are simply unable to handle everything on your own. Your small business grows to the point that you can no longer focus on making the most use of your time while also attempting to manage everything.

What is burn out? Trying to be the Marketing Team, Accounts Department, Sales Department, Liaison Officer, Receptionist, Website Developer, Legal And Financial Expert all rolled into one!

If this sounds all too familiar to your current circumstance and you need advice, you may need a like-minded network like ours.

5. Artificial Intelligence: The Game Changer!

The game has evolved because of this new technology, and our platform reflects that acceptance. You now have a practical assistant in ChatGPT that can help you examine and improve the written communication with your audience on your website, in your sales and marketing copy, and when you have queries about technical and legal matters online. We'll demonstrate how to take advantage of this technology for your benefit.

The We Buy Homes Learning World Is Here!

For many many people, adopting a We Buy Homes mindset is like letting the genie out of the lamp! They suddenly perceive the real estate market differently, and once they do, they are unable to go back to their previous practices.

The genie of this interactive profit-center academy is having access to highly-skilled international real estate entrepreneurs and their strategies for producing revenue and growth. Previous participants paid $1,000+ in course fees, but you can get everything for a limited-time introductory deal!

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The We Buy Houses Learning School

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This promotional price is guaranteed for 2 years, even as we add new content. You can cancel at anytime! There is a sample course available for FREE just by signing up alone. We make your decision easy!

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